Typical Treatment Programs at the Minnesota Drug Rehab Center

Are you under benzodiazepine or benzo prescription? If yes, then be cautious while using this prescription drug. Follow your doctor’s instructions like the Bible. Benzos are addictive drugs and lead to the development of physical dependence even when used under prescription. 

In case of addiction, the best thing to do is enrol for Minnesota drug rehab program. Experts at the rehab center would help you go off benzos in a safe and comfortable manner. 

The prescription does not mean safe

The Center for Substance Abuse Research states that it takes the body time to flush out benzos from its system. Repeated use of benzos can result in a build-up in the body, creating adverse effects like cognitive impairment and over-sedation. 

Doctors generally prescribe benzos like Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, and Ativan. These are widely misused too. People think they are safe as they are prescription drugs. They are as addictive and dangerous as other drugs like cocaine and heroin. 

Going off benzo

It’s not easy to go off the benzo. Once your body develops a dependence on it, it would demand the drug daily. If you don’t take the drug, your body would produce cravings too strong to resist. You may also get intense symptoms like muscle pain, headache, anxiety, dizziness, and others. 

Many people get scared of the symptoms and immediately pop a benzo pill to get relief. However, this isn’t the solution. You must call the addiction hotline and seek professional help to undergo a supervised withdrawal treatment. 

A typical rehab program involves the following treatment:

Case analysis: 

The rehab specialists analyze the addiction case. They conduct medical tests and screening to rule out any medical condition or nutritional deficiency. They make a note of all medical, health, and emotional needs of the patient. This information helps them create a customized treatment program for the patient. 

Medical detox:

Benzodiazepine withdrawal is risky. It produces intense symptoms. A medical detox program by medical professionals helps the patient go through the withdrawal phase safely. The detox is constantly supervised. 

Residential program:

Living in a rehab center has its own advantages. You live in a 100 percent sober environment with healthy meals and a healthy routine. This induces faster healing of your body and mind. 

A typical rehab residency lasts 30 or 90 days. It depends on the severity of your addiction. 

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Therapy sessions, counseling, and meetings:

Counseling sessions give patients a chance to express their emotions that may have contributed to addiction. They can discuss their life’s struggles, any mental disorders, and fears they harbor. It is a cleansing of the mind. It contributes to better and lifelong recovery. 

Behavior therapies help the brain deal with withdrawal. 


Reputable rehab centers continue to offer support if the patient wants. This helps to keep the recovered person motivated to stay sober. He or she can seek help whenever they feel shaky during cravings, which you might get even after the rehab program due to outside triggers. 

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