Sterilite Company Culture – What Employees Say About Sterilite

The Sterilite Corporation is an American manufacturer of plastic storage containers. The company was founded in 1939 by Saul and Edward Stone and Earl Tupper. Today, they are one of the leading plastic storage container manufacturers worldwide. They offer a wide range of plastic containers, from jars and containers for kitchen use to storage cabinets and drawers.

Company culture

Having a strong company culture is important for any company that hopes to grow. However, it is not easy to replicate it across different locations, particularly when it comes to recruitment and retention. Although every office environment is different, it should share the same DNA, the underlying principles of the company, that will ultimately shape employee engagement, customer service, and product delivery. This DNA must be created and nurtured from the top down, with clear and regular communication. It also needs to be aligned with the company’s business strategy.

A strong company culture is built around strong leadership and a collaborative environment. This culture should be conducive to innovation and encourage the flow of ideas. Engaged leaders should be willing to accept ideas from all employees and encourage them to contribute new ones. If employees feel valued, they are more likely to stick around and participate in the company’s growth.

Questions employees have about working at sertilite

There are a lot of questions that employees have about working at Sterilite. Some of these questions are about the culture, leadership, professional development, and compensation. Other questions deal with how management treats employees like cattle. Most of the employees feel that working at Sterilite is a horrible experience. Approximately 50% of employees would not recommend Sterilite to a friend.

Occupational diseases are a big concern for employees working at Sterilite. Employees are exposed to hazardous materials like COVID-19 on a daily basis. They are not receiving extra compensation for working in such hazardous conditions. Nevertheless, the company should provide employees with hazard pay.

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